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Author Topic: Stourbridge Glass Co. Ltd. [‘Tudor’], registered designs 1923-1931  (Read 1370 times)

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Offline agincourt17

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From the Tudor Crystal website 

“The idea of a new glassworks in Audnam, Stourbridge was conceived around midsummer 1920 by Mr. Congreave Jackson, the managing Director of Thos. Webb & Sons, Dennis Glassworks Stourbridge. After Mr. Jacksons' resignation, John Guest & Son, A local firm of builders was commissioned to build the Stour Glassworks which was completed in 1921. There was a disagreement between Mr. Jackson and Mr. Guest which left Mr. Guest with a glass factory. He then approached several senior members of staff at Thos. Webbs & Sons with the intention of forming another company to operate the new factory.
This was a risky undertaking as the crystal industry in Stourbridge was slack after World War I and in 1922 there were 18 manufacturers with short-time working on the increase. Despite the risk, The firm was registered as The Stourbridge Glass Company Ltd. [in October 1921] with Mr. W. H. Aston as Managing Director, Mr. A. Horton, Mr. W.A. Price, Mr. H. Wilkinson as directors and Mr. Horace Guest as chairman. About 70 employees were engaged from the staff of the other world famous companies. Thos. Webb & Sons, Stevens & Williams (Royal Brierley), Stuarts and Webb Corbett (Royal Doulton) to manufacture 30 per cent lead crystal.”

Full production commenced in May 1922, specialising in full lead, crystal tableware. The tradename ‘Tudor’ was registered for their products in 1927.

Stourbridge Glass Co. Ltd. registered 4 designs between 1923 and 1931:
RD 698103 on 18 May 1923
RD 737905 on 5 June 1928
RD 738173 on 16 June 1928
RD 765536 on 26 June 1931.

Here is a photo (I apologise for its indifferent quality) of the first registered design, RD 698103 of 18 May 1923 – a 5˝ inch diameter ‘PREMIER’ 7-hole flower frog in clear crystal.

Does anyone have photos of the other 3 registered designs from the company to show, please?

Offline Anne

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Fred, the one you show above also has a Davidson Glass connection as they are found in cloudglass - see here: and I have a plain glass one which I don't think is crystal:

Offline agincourt17

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Thank you, Anne.

An interesting and intriguing connection - I wonder why the Stourbridge Glass Co. Ltd registered the design instead of Davidson registering it themselves?  Certainly a design more appropriate to Davidson than a manufacturer of fine cut crystal wares.

I note that "the design was not renewed when it expired."

The photos are certainly an improvement, and I must say it never struck me that the frog would have been used with the tubes facing up!

Offline mhgcgolfclub

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Fred I do not have any of the other 3 designs but I do have a 4˝ PREMIER RD  698103 so were made in more than one size.



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