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Bull Dish, Maybe Cenedese?


Hello Everyone!

  I bought this bull dish in an antique store we stopped in on the way to a family gathering, we just thought is was different. I'm wondering if anyone may know or have a guess as to what it could be. The colors are dark pink or cranberry with a light green center and light gold/amber horns. It's about 8" across from the horns to the tail. Just a fun piece of glass!


Cathy, that certainly is different. I have fish dishes, but this is the first bull I have ever seen. Unfortunately I haven't a clue as to maker, but maybe someone else  wil have an idea. Your right, what a fun piece. Terry

Hi CathyG!
Never seen a Bull Dish before either.
The way the shape and horns are made makes me think Cenedese, but also Salviati (have a large Bull sculpture by Salviati). Worth some research. Excellent piece. I like it!!! :D

Cute, looks like a slug from the side!



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