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TW marked IIttala decanter + unidentifed bits

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While I'm reminded, by Barbara's post, about IIttala and markings, I found this TW marked decanter and shot glasses years ago in a charity shop. I haven't been able to identify the name of this style from any of the sites put up, does anybody here know?      Iittala decanter base, with TW mark       Ditto, with shot glasses

I also have this little square vase/pot which my mother gave me at christmas sometime back in the '70's, should I really be using it as my garlic container in the kitchen? It looks a bit like the decanter and shot glasses texture.      garlic container     Ditto   base

Last but not least, am I correct in thinking that this one is called Aslak? Should I let Michael drink his beer out of it?      Aslak ? tumbler/vase

Re: Aslak and Michael using it.

If you are creating a museum/mausoleum, Michael, put it down very, very carefully!!!!

Michael, if you enjoy drinking beer from it, pick it up, and do some strenuous aerobic alcohol-lifting exercise.

Sue, you have high-lighted one of the dichotomies of modern life.

If it has value should we use it/ if it has value should we enjoy it?

We have many things that a collector would admire, but we use our Harrachov Metelak glasses, Bengt Severin Holmegaard Princess glass, Gerald Benney, 1st production run "Studio" cutlery, an amazingly modernist Wedgwood earthen-ware dinner service from the 30's.

What is the point of cluttering our lives with dead, sterile pieces, that are only valued for some, often nebulous, and unrealisable market value?

All we have, we only hold temporarily, we cannot take it with us. Our kids often hate it, and would sell it, but for the fact it reminds them of someone.

When you are gone, they will sell it anyway, to buy things more to their taste.

None of us can expect anything else, for to be otherwise, is to think we can impose the tyranny of what we hold dear on our off-spring.

Use it, enjoy it, an accidental breakage is just that, remember you bought it, on holiday, from a charity shop, the dealer did not realise what he had.


"Madamoiselle Haversham",
(place burning down round my ears, while the wedding cake is consumed by mice from the inside)


:D  8) Thanks for your reassurance, Marcus! I do tend to use things, if they are useful, and while the little square pot is lovely, it also lets the air circulate nicely about the garlic, and I think I get more pleasure from using it than just looking at it. I take it I should not put the Aslak in the dishwasher, though!!! (a big consideration, as I dislike the drying end of the washing-up process, and the dishwasher does that for me if I open it up when the stuff is still hot!)

Hi Sue,
"as I dislike the drying end of the washing-up process"
If Michael enjoys drinking from it, it's hardly a burden for him to dry his glass????


No harm of putting your Aslak glasses into the dishwasher.  I wash all my Iittala glasses, e.g. Aslak and Ultima Thule in the dishwasher.  If they do get cloudy (which they sometimes do at least here in Canaries - can't really remember if it happened in England though), I just use those tablets for cleaning dentures and they get sparkling clean again.

I agree that nice glasses and porcelain should be used and not just admired in the vitrine!



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