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TW marked IIttala decanter + unidentifed bits

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TMaritta wrote:
--- Quote ---I agree that nice glasses and porcelain should be used and not just admired in the vitrine!
--- End quote ---

Sarpaneva thought that textured glasses would make drinking a multi-sensation experience and that tactile surfaces would increase the pleasure. If he had felt the pleasure would have been optimised by smooth, dust shedding surfaces to his glass, he'd have found a different audience, F1 auto-sport???? :lol:

:D It's not just the drying-up bit, it's the whole business of nasty, damp, germ-breeding tea towels :twisted: and of having to wash them too :( . Stuff straight out of the dishwasher is basically sterilised. :D  :D  :D
I might just risk it, Tmaritta! By the way, it's nice to have you back  :D  :D  :D -you've been gone a while!

Drain and air dry the glasses Sue. I also have a bit of a "thing" about tea towels harbouring scary germs (did anyone see the Sky TV series "So You Think You're Safe?") When I need to dry stuff I go through several clean, fresh tea towels.  :shock:

On the question of using precious glass - well, yes, there are many pieces I use. Mostly vases. My favorites are the Brockwitz amber bird handled vase (it has several shades of cream to rust roses in it right now) and a magnificent Fenton Favrene vase.

When my children were much younger we visited the home of (well known) long-time Carnival collectors. They offered my son a drink of fruit juice in a Northwood Raspberry tumbler. He (and I) will never forget it.  :lol:


Good Evening Everybody
I am almost sure that your decanter marked TW is Iittala designed by  designer Tapio Wirkkala. Some of them could be really expensive/:) send me pls a phot than I might be able to tell you something more.
Regards Bart

I have managed to find out what it is, it's the small square-shaped melting ice textured decanter with the clear, round "porthole" in the middle. It think it dates to ~ '64.
The shot glasses are the right ones to match it. I had 10, I got them out when I had visitors and now I seem to only have 7. There are three, hiding somewhere. ::)

My "garlic container" vase is Dartington, Frank Thrower; (early '70s, when I was given it)

and Michael doesn't use the Aslak, he prefers a Wedgwood blown smoky glass pint pot I found for him. It's got a feel and balance he likes much better than the Aslak tumbler, so that just sits on my kitchen shelves, looking good. :)



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