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Amethyst Bagley Cabbage Lamp


G Man:
I have recentlly bought the above. It has the raised mark of Made in England on the base.

I have since been told that they have been remade in the recent past!

Is this correct? :)

Bernard C:
G Man — News to me.   Also it seems unlikely as most Bagley glass does not command sufficiently high prices to make it worthwhile — there are other, more lucrative targets for plagiarism, deceptive or otherwise.

How reliable was the source of your information?   Could it have been motivated by jealosy of the scarce colour of this lamp (Pattern 3025 — Tulip Lamp for the mystified)?

Bernard C.  8)

Hi GMan and Bernard,
Are there images of this, and when you talk of scarce colours? Images might be helpful, to those not conversant with any/all Bagley production.

Bernard C:
Hi Marcus.   You don't need an image.   Just imagine a cross between a cabbage and a tulip that lights up when you switch it on.

Or, if that is causing you difficulty, click Tulip Lamp, and scroll down until you see something that looks like a cross between a cabbage and a tulip that glows.

Bernard C.  8)  :lol:


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