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Uranium glass headlights!

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Here's something I didn't know about. The English is a bit creative but there's plenty of pictures

If anyone spots on in real life let me know!

They pop-up fairly regularly, mostly US ones, sell for 300+ dollars - use 'headlight' when searching

In that case they might have to stay in the US  ;D Thanks Frank

David E:
I imagined uranium glass lenses with UV lamps when I saw this topic, but these are quite cool.

Also worth reading the photo captions for a bit of suspect translation, but they are using apostrophes correctly ;)

Christine, did you notice the mention of a NOTEK car uranium headlamp, made in Britain? Bottom of page. I have seen NOTEK on eBay before, but not sure whether these were uranium glass.

--- Quote ---... the shorter wavelength of light cut by the power transmission that because the UK is a lot like fog in the country was the right thing
--- End quote ---
Hmm, I think I know what they mean!

There is likely a specific patent for these. It might even specify uranium glass.


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