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Identify Sabino Plate


Have a lovely Sabino commemorative plate and would like to identify the
figures and occasion.  Reads "HENR IIIIR  CHRIST  MARIA AUGUSTA".
There is a man and a woman in profile in center of plate.  Back is
inscribed Sabino France Edition Limitee 1970.  Would appreciate it if
someone can tell me who these folks are and what they did in 1970.
Advance thanks.  Elena

Jo in Australia:
No idea ... but you could email Sabino and ask them. Their site is at:

Jo, Thanks for the tip.  I did just that.  They are not the Sabino manufacturing co. in France, just US distributors.  Since the plate is 35 years old, they may not know.  If anyone else can help, would appreciate
the info.  Also, cannot find Sabino Cristal of France on the web.  Their
site would be helpful.  Elena

Jo in Australia:
I think all Sabino is marketed via the US. You can read Angela's article about Sabino at:
- Jo

Jo, Thank you for the info and for introducing me to that wonderful
website.  Much appreciated.  Elena


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