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Hoskins Rose 3-legged candlesticks - ID = Czech, Libochovice

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Anne, HERE you supply a photo of three-legged candlestick holders - see my pink
Rod Crawshaw identified them in his new 'book' as
Hoskins&Rose 1935 - never heard that name  :cry:

Hoskins Rose was not a glass maker.

Hoskins Rose Co., 5 St Andrew St., Holborn Cross, London: Offices and Showrooms for Glassware. They were undoubtedly agents, wholesalers etc. Possibly handled the usual suspects (Czech, German etc).

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I must say those candlesticks have a Rindskopf look to them!


YES Glen they do  :)

pattern rd. 786  706
perhaps this helps with the threefooted  8)
again I seem to have hijacked a thread - pooh  :oops:  untröstlich and very sorry about this - I'll put the # and pic into a new

I see that Hoskins Rose registered 786703 through to 786706 on that date. They were just acting as agents on behalf of another company (and I really think it was Rindskopf, but I cannot see that exact pattern!)

I love that Deco style. So flamboyant  :D



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