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whitefriars paperweight?

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Just trying to positively rule out 1874 as the date of this paperweight.  It really looks like 1874 under a loop.  I know it is probably 1974, but wanted your opinion.  It really is in too good of condition to be that old, but I just don't want to miss out on somthing that special and I know very little about whitefriars.

I'm no expert, but Whitefriars were making paperweights in the 1970's and IMHO this style and colour of glass doesn't really fit in with their products in the 1870's.

PS  I can't say whether this paperweight WF or not, sorry.

How about moving this to the paperweight forum?  Might get more attention  :shock:

Nice weight  :wink:  I'd like to hear from an expert for definite, but I am inclined to agree with Max on the date.



To me it clearly says 1974... which is well in keeping with this 1974 Whitefriars paperweight... style typical of their 1970's output and complete with the monk motif. Actually I cant quite work out why you think it might say 1874... ????
Nice piece




This page may help you confirm your weight:

If not you could ask on the Is It Whitefriars? website:


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