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whitefriars paperweight?

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Brywill said:  
--- Quote ---You guys should check it out sometime
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I do check it out.  I'm a lurker.   8)  :wink:

I sure am glad to have found this sight.  I love to by unusual glass especially if it is signed then try to figure it out.  I appreciate the help.  I will definitely be a lurker here.  I know a little about most forms of US glass from depression glass to art glass.  Maybe one day I will be able to help someone.
Thanks, Bryan

Hi folks,

Bryan said:
--- Quote ---I can't find out anything about the older weights, did they use the monk signature cane then?
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And Gareth commented:
--- Quote ---Regarding using the monk cane 1n 1874 I dont think they did.
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Gareth is correct. The monk cane is of a similar shape to that seen in the 1963 and later labels in the site, although that site has some possible confusion by stating, amongst the later labels, "At the turn of the twentieth century there was a variety of different  labels for many different ranges and items".

For general info, there are still various collectors, delears and auction house staff who believe that Whitefriars made millefiori paperweights in the 19th century. However, research has found no positive records of any Whitefriars millefiori weights being made before the 20th century.

Details are known of weights and inkwells that have often been attributed (without proof) to Whitefriars and having date canes suggesting 19th century (usually 1848), but which were made as reproductions in the 1920s and 1930s by English companies such as Arculus, Walsh Walsh and R C Richardson.

Details of these 20th century items with 19th century date canes have been covered in:
a) British Glass 1800-1914 by Charles Hajdamach,
b) Articles in the Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collecotrs Association inc. [USA]
c) Old English Paperweights by Robert G Hall

It should also be noted that from 1980, when Caithness Glass bought the rights to the Whitefriars weights designs, they continued the use of the monk cane as identification of the range.


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