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whitefriars paperweight?

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Anne, thanks for that site - really useful, and heaps better than my book.

If Brywil1970's paperweight is WF, then I guess it must be P27, window with mitre cuts.  I hadn't seen that kind of cut between circular polished windows before - oooh!  I'm learning again!!  Someone hold me down!   :D  :wink:

Max, Yes I am figuring p27 for the shape

Anne, Thanks I didn't see the "is it WF link"

Guest, under a loop it looks more like 1847.  I know that is wishfull thinking, but just wanted to make sure.

I can't find out anything about the older weights, did they use the monk signature cane then?  No matter what I think it was a steal at $8 USD

Thanks for all the help what a great group of people.  I am a regular on Ebay's Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain Board.  It is very helpfull board (and friendly) for finding info on almost any type of glass or pottery (especially american)  You guys should check it out sometime.  Your knowledgable opinions would definitely be welcome and appreciated.  Some well know authors hang out there time to time.

Thamks again, Bryan


--- Quote from: "brywil1970" --- No matter what I think it was a steal at $8 USD.

Thamks again, Bryan
--- End quote ---


More like Grand Auto plus Highway Robbery....excellent purchase. Regarding using the monk cane 1n 1874 I dont think they did.




whitefriars 007:
Hello Bryan

The whitefriars symbol on your paperweight is dated From 1963 to 1979 a paper label in the new graphic style with a stylised friar 'WHITEFRIARS HAND-MADE CRYSTAL' by this time the company had changed its name to Whitefriars Glass Ltd .

This link will help you see the dates of whitefriars' labels.



--- Quote from: "brywil1970" --- Some well know authors hang out there time to time.

Thamks again, Bryan
--- End quote ---

Some well-known authors hang out here most of the time too Brian. ;)

Glad we were able to help with your paperweight query.  8)  

Paul Annenberg's site also has some useful info about Whitefriars paperweights... his father was a glassblower at Whitefriars and the site is fascinating.. take a look at for paperweight info.


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