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List of glassmakers in Germany


At least, I think that's what it is! My German is not good enough to say for sure but this appears to be a listing of surnames and the glassmakers they were connected with (possibly a genealogical resource but no doubt has other uses) - flagging it here in case it's useful to anyone.

Essentially an extract from the book GLASMACHER SIPPENBUCH by Klaus Kunze ISBN 3-933334-10-1 A comprehensive geneaology, I think the list is just an example for search engines etc. It seems to stop at 1820 too unfortunately my mothers family are not their... but Carmen's is, unfortunately with no info against it...

runs at least from
1300 Glasehusen, Johannes de Glasehusen 1300 Ratsherr in Heiligenstadt

to  1905 Becker, August Friedrich Wilhelm *Osternburg

There is a lot of glass history in that country. This book has great detail for deep research. Not it only covers the  Werra-Weser-Bergland region (eastern part of Germany) which excludes a lot.

Could move to glass...

OK will do Frank, thanks. I wasn't sure how relevant it was hence the Cafe post initially.



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