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Can anyone tell me how "easy to find" is the Davidson column vase (number 279 I believe) in vaseline?

Thank you.

Can you share a picture?

Bernard C:
Glen — It depends on what you mean by vaseline and by 279!

Vaseline could mean uranium green, uranium yellow or both.   279 could mean 279 or what was made from the three 279 moulds – 279 and 279D – 279 with the slightly flared rim, 279D with the turned-over rim.

The only combination that I know was made was the uranium yellow 279D, which I have had through my hands in all three sizes, 6", 8", and 10".    These are not what I would call rare, but are unusual, so scarce would probably be a realistic description.

They are, in my not so humble opinion, quite beautiful.

Bernard C.  8)

That'll be it Bernard! And yes, very beautiful.

I'll try and get a photo tomorrow, Dave. (I also need to get a pic done of our Barolac vase which I promised a while ago).

My thanks to you both for your interest and information.


Good evening Glen

In the 20 years that I have been dealing/collecting Davidsons I have not seen a vaseline ( of either of Bernards description ) 279 at all. There might be some reference to the colour on the cloud glass site but not something that I have checked. I am assumimg that we are definately not talking about Davidsons jade... which is a different matter altogether.





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