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Davidson's Vaseline Glass

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Hi Glen,

Whats wrong with just calling the suites may the names that Davidson gave them e.g the 1896 suite, the 269 suite, the 945 suite etc ?



Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all Chris. I totally agree with you and Bernard. That's why I said that "it does seem wrong to use contrived names where the correct factory pattern number is known." I would much prefer to use the original suite numbers etc where they are known.

I was simply playing devil's advocate. William Heacock is long deceased and can't answer for himself, so I was just trying to put his point of view over so as to give an understanding of why the "pattern naming" took place. I wasn't saying I agreed with it - I was just helping to explain why Heacock did it. I am sure he had the best of intentions. Effectively it has become part of glass history (albeit recent history) and I feel it's important to know the facts and the context in which the controversial "pattern naming" took place.

Glen (aka Mary, Mary)


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