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Davidson's Vaseline Glass

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Bernard C:
Gareth — yes, we are not talking about Davidson's jade.   Davidson's uranium yellow is what was known on both sides of the Atlantic as Canary.   It is similar to the clear yellow of Primrose Pearline, although not usually such a strong yellow.

I suspect more uranium yellow 279Ds were made than is apparent from those turning up today.   It is such a vulnerable shape and many must have suffered terminal rim damage.

Bernard C.  8)

Yes Gareth, it is a true yellow, and as Bernard has already said, not the jade at all. It's quite an acidic kind of yellow, similar to yellow pearline, as Bernard noted, though to me it is not as warm a shade. Just a hint more tangy.

It's the only example I have ever seen, and I can't actually recall when we bought it now (maybe 10 or 15 years back). My parents have a small collection of vaseline and pearline and we gave it to them to include in the display. I just happened to notice it today...silly of me really to have "forgotten" about something so lovely. We'll try and get a pic of it tomorrow.


Yes that is exactly what I expected you meant but as has been observed on other postings it is surprising how many different terms and references are sometimes used for the same piece. To that I would confirm as I said before that certainly in my experience Davidsons uranium glass is relatively rare.... and quite a nice looking piece I should imagine.




Gareth, you're absolutely right to have asked the question - and I'm grateful to you for your interest in the topic. And of course, if I had had a photo then you would have know right away what I meant  :shock:

Hoping to get a pic for you today.

Thanks again.


And here's the photo.........

Please note that I have loaded it on a free website, so to get rid of the Yahoo menu on the right, simply click the >> which is to the left of the red Yahoo logo top right of the window.

I believe this vase is the 279 (not D, as it is not curved down at the rim, but is flared upward).



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