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Paperweight on a stand!?!


Anne E.B.:

The paperweight pictured left has me intrigued.  I have never seen one before on a stand.  The stand is made of brass and the p.w. rests on the heads of three unicorns.  There are no markings on the stand or on the p.w. itself.  Is this common practice to have a stand? Does anyone know the maker please? I only have five p.w's, three of which are pictured, so don't know too much about them.  

The middle one is my favourite.  It is made by Avondale in Pembrokeshire Wales.  They make the most delicious organic shaped glassware and this one reminds me more of a jellyfish than a toadstool or mushroom.  It looks totally different when viewed from different angles.

Regards - Anne :wink:

Hi Anne

I've seen quite a few of these crystal globes on stands recently.  I think there's a charity shop selling them as new glassware, but I can't remember which one.  I've got a similar one to yours only with a plain silver stand - I rather like it...I just hope it doesn't burn a hole in the carpet with the light behind it!   :wink:  :D

the mush on the right is made by heron glass

Anne E.B.:
Hi Max.
Its not British Heart Foundation is it?  I'll pop in next time I pass and have a look.  Some of their glass has turned up on eBay described as Whitefriars on occasions!
I guess I could always "do a Ray Mears" with it, if I can't find any matches :twisted:

Many thanks Ray for that. :lol:  I'll get a Ditchfield yet :lol:

Cheers - Anne :wink:

:D I'm sure the charity shop that does these bubbled clear weights is Cancer Research. It's been doing them for some years now. They come in several sizes, up to really huge! Last Christmas they were selling a newer range of vases, in white, with pastel coloured enamels around the base, fairly organic shapes. I've yet to see them turn up in the secondary market.


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