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Can anyone help identify this piece of Studio Glass?


whitefriars 007:

I am a new member to this site and would be grateful if anyone is able to give me some information or advice on the attached piece of studio glass.  It is signed on the base but I do not recognise the signature.  It would be useful if somebody knows when it was made.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



:DHello Trudy,
Welcome to the board!
I think your bowl is by Anthony Stern - I posted a thread asking for identification of a couple of pieces of the same design, one, a bottle/vase on eBay in a lovely blue colour, (which, not knowing what it was, stupidly did not bid on it) and a plate that I have in greyish reds and white. Both of these pieces have what looks like the same signature, but until you know what it is, it's very difficult to make out. The one on eBay was listed as Mdina and the one I have was also originally listed as Mdina. Presumably more than one somebody though that that was what was written on it! :lol: Trudy, your bowl looks as if it is quite large - how big is it?
Here is a link to the thread I originally posted:-,1517.0.html

On this thread, I don't think I asked for an age, but I'd also really like to know roughly how old my plate might be.  :D Adam A. :D, pretty please, with your special insider knowledge, would you be able to find out for us?

whitefriars 007:
Many thanks for your reply Sue - now you have mentioned the name Anthony Stern, this can clearly be seen on the bottom of the bowl.  The piece is 5 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches in height.  It would be nice to know when the bowl was made as well as a rough estimate of its value.  Now that I know this is an Anthony Stern piece I have come across his work in Judith Miller's 20th century glass book.  It would appear that he is a renowned glass maker and some of his pieces can fetch a high price.

Once again, many thanks for your help Sue.  If anyone else can shed any light on this bowl I would love to hear from them.



:D You're welcome, Trudy! It's easy to make out when you know what it says, isn't it? :lol:  I think Adam A. is the person who is most likely to know anything more about it, but I've not seen him posting for a day or so - he's been busy - see the thread entitled "Midsummer Madness" and you'll understand why!
I see you posted on a thread about Whitefriars, (I gather from your username you are interested in this glass!) It's always good to have somebody with experience of particular types of glass on board. :D

This is a very nice classic piece of Anthony Stern's work.

I showed it to Anthony who says it was made around 1984/5. I think you should expect to pay around £125 for a similar piece today.


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