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Designlasin hintakirja Questions and a few vases
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Quote from: "Max"
I bought a 'sunflask' decanter about 2 years ago.  Thought it was the real thing (duh!) I think I bid £35ish on it.  It arrived and..oooh dear!  I can't remember if it had 'Made in Italy' on it, but it had a nasty plastic fitting around the stopper and I hated it!  Luckily the plastic was dead tatty, so I sent it back, saying it was damaged.  It got lost in the post...and I got a full refund from the post office.  Yippeee!   :lol:  :D

It's all part of the learning curve isn't it? My most recent faux pas was buying what I thought was a bowl, but turns out to be a goblet, with the whole of the stem and foot removed!!  :roll:  :oops:  :oops:


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