Author Topic: Bowl...early Whitefriars, Leerdam or other??  (Read 1112 times)

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Bowl...early Whitefriars, Leerdam or other??
« on: February 04, 2008, 12:59:44 PM »
Hello All,

I posted this on as I thought it looked similar to some early Powell pieces, opinions so far there are maybe, maybe not, maybe Leerdam (hope that's a fair summary) Here's the link...

It's 16.5cm (6 1/2in) diameter, 7cm (2 3/4in) high, plenty of base wear and clean concave polished pontil.

Appologies for the colour of the pics, my camera is refusing to take a good shot so I've colour balanced them to look as close as I can. I would describe the colour as a soft jade, that looks like green sheet glass in refraction (does that make sense?)

I think it's a nice quality simple bowl, that I'm guessing is pre 1940s and post 1860s?....does anyone recognise it?

Many thanks, Martyn.



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