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Afors Vase Signed E. Gordon

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Hi Folks,

I have just come across and bought a lovely heavy vase with two children playing ball engraved on the front.

On the base it is etched "afors GH 946: 1 9 (or I G) E Gordon"

The name E Gordon dosen't sound particually Swedish so who is, or was ,this person? I don't know an awful lot about Afors (surprise surprise :)  :oops: ) so I don't know if I got a bargain or not, but to be honest I like this so I don't mind too much :D


BTW There was also a purple vase with a gold band of figures around the base very similar to Moser of the 1920's but this has "Walther" and another number I can't remember impressed on the base. Would this have been a modern piece or a true Deco one? I know Walther made alot of Deco frog figures and bowls but had no idea they copied Moser.

Should I send my OH back for it :wink:

Hi Barbara, E Gordon has been discussed on the board before as I recall. Dencill has a piece with water damage with the same signature Afors E Gordon, you can see here: The E stands for Ernest. The original thread was here:,286.0.html. Hope this helps a little.  :)

Hi Anne,

Thanks for finding that information, at least mine is OK no water damage etc. I didn't realise it was so old.


It looks very modern in style -  a lovely piece - I like it. :)

I really like it too.  I think engraved glass is really undervalued at the moment - I suppose coloured glass is easier to display...  :?

I especially like the modernist shape of this vase, it's quite unusual. :)


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