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Author Topic: Unusual Banded & Spotted Vase  (Read 394 times)

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Unusual Banded & Spotted Vase
« on: February 08, 2008, 04:31:08 PM »
I bought a vase a few months ago. The seller said that it was Anzolo Fuga, but it is unlike anything I have seen that was done by him. I have done a lot of work, but still have no clue who might have done this unusual vase.

The vase is unremarkable at first look, but a lot of work went into making it. It is 11" tall. It is clear glass with an unusual spatter finish on the outside (except in areas of bands and spots). The spatter appears to be light blue from the inside and dark from the outside. The spatter has dark pigment that looks like sedimented lines in the spatter. The vase has a mirrored copper finish that is particularly strong in low light. The light purple bands are flashed glass. The darker bands are heavier applied glass.

Does anyone have any idea about who might have done this vase and what type of finish this is. Any help welcomed! I uploaded three pictures.


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