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Walther Glass Like Moser?

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Hi All,

I have added this as a new discussion from the Afors question in case it gets lost.

There was a purple vase about 5" tall with a gold band of figures around the base very similar to Moser of the 1920's but this has "Walther" and another number I can't remember impressed on the base. Would this have been a modern piece or a true Deco one? I know Walther made alot of Deco frog figures and bowls but had no idea they copied Moser.

Should I send my OH back for it :wink:


Barbara, the amethyst vase with the decorated band was very likely a 1930s original Walther. I have a similar one. A range of items with these decorations are shown in Walther's 1932 catalogue.

Out of interest, Rindskopf made a similar style of glass in Carnival (known now as Classic Arts and Egyptian Queen) at around the same time. They used a green stain on the decorated band to give a metallic effect.

Riihimaki in Finland also imitated the decorated band - in Carnival Glass - at the same time too. You can see the Riihimaki item and the original Moser items on my website in the article called "Amazon Women". Click on the link on the left hand menu on my website.


Hi Barbara

These are fairly common, the Walther ones that is, and a decent one with the gold intact can be found for as little as £15....if you are going back for it bear in mind no damage and the the gold not being worn. As far as I know they did not make these post WW11 so it would be 1930's.... if the date is important,




Hi Glen,

well my dear other half (who is paying for said item) will be despatched to purchase the vase tomorrow and I'll post some pictures.

Is this an unusual type of glassware for Walther to have produced? It doesn't seem to fit in with the other type of items they produced.


Hi Gareth,

That puts a bit of a dampner on it then :(  

Its quite a bit more than £15.00, so will have to have another think.

Don't mind if its a "Must have" but not for a "Maybe"



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