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Römer aus Theresienthal Band 1 - Stephan Buse


Römer aus Theresienthal Band 1, Reprints aus Preislisten von ca. 1890, 1903 und 1907

Stephan Buse

Publisher:  kolme k-Verlag
Year of publication: March 2007:
ISBN-13 978-3-939386-21-6
130 pages

Price: €20

Available from: and bookstores in Germany

Author's summary: This book shows reprints of catalogues from the glassworks of Theresienthal in Bavaria.
Theresienthal is famous for its goblets etc. manufactured in Historismus (victorian times) and art nouveau.
While the text in the book is in German language, the reprints of the catalogues contain a lot of information for glass collectors all over the world.


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