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Carnival Glass books and Sowerby Glass CD books - Glen & Stephen Thistlewood


Carnival Glass - The Magic and The Mystery
Glen and Stephen Thistlewood
1998 Schiffer Publishing (Pennsylvania). Hardback. 224 pages. 326 colour photos, 180 b&w illustrations including catalogue extracts and line drawings.
ISBN 0764306847

A Century of Carnival Glass
Glen and Stephen Thistlewood
2001 Schiffer Publishing (Pennsylvania). Hardback 256 pages. 417 colour photos, 130 b&w illustrations on 256 pages. Most of the black and white illustrations are catalogue and archive illustrations.
ISBN 076431209X

The Art of Carnival Glass
Glen and Stephen Thistlewood
2004 Schiffer Publishing (Pennsylvania). Hardback on 256 pages. 665 colour photos plus many archive and catalogue illustrations
ISBN 0764319639

Carnival “NetworK”
Glen and Stephen Thistlewood
ISSN 1353-1883. Quarterly research journal, from 1994 - 2001. Back copies still available. Also held at Rakow Library (Corning Glass Museum)

Czech Special
Glen and Stephen Thistlewood
Softback containing catalogue pages, colour photos and explanatory text on Josef Inwald and Josef Rindskopf. Limited Edition sold out.

Sowerby’s Ellison Glass Works: Vol One (Victoria to GeorgeV)
Glen and Stephen Thistlewood
Sowerby catalogues and much explanatory info on CD-ROM. 1880s to 1912

Sowerby’s Ellison Glass Works: Vol Two (George V to Elizabeth II)
Glen and Stephen Thistlewood
Sowerby catalogues and much explanatory info on CD-ROM. 1912 to 1950s

Brief Sweet Life
Glen Rose (pen name)
Not glass related. This is a dramatised true story of a Lancaster crew during WW2. Published by Woodfield, 2005
ISBN 1-903953-79-0

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Just released (October, 2008) the third in the trilogy of Sowerby electronic books (CD-roms)

Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works: Vol Three A CELEBRATION OF SOWERBY
Sowerby's 1885 catalog with over 1700 items on 107 pages, plus 250 colour photos and info on a century of Sowerby's glass

for more information and some images from the "book"

Riihimki Carnival Glass from Finland e-book

Lavish illustrations and a treasure trove of information on Riihimki's wonderful Carnival Glass.

         over 300 photos & catalogue images
         a Smart Pictorial Index to a wealth of information on 64 different patterns made in Carnival
         the History of glass production at Riihimki
         Riihimki's Designs and Trademarks
         the Signature Characteristics of Riihimki's Carnival
         presented in PDF format, viewable on all computer systems
         available by download (9.5MB) or on CD


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