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Ysart Glass - Frank Andrews


Ysart Glass. 1990.
Ian Turner, Prof Alison J Clarke, Frank Andrews
Out of Print ISBN 0-9514465-1-7 Volo Edition, London
Originally priced at £69. Some new copies available from me at €260 including post. Second-hand copies from around £100 at antiquairian booksellers or eBay. Edition of 3000 on acid free paper.

Click here for errata and price guide.

Ysartnews - Club newsletter. 1986-93
Editor Frank Andrews
Issues 1 - 6. Out of print.
Click here for updated online version

Electric Light by Frank Andrews
Incomplete, published online in 2003 Click here

Multiple authors and contributors. Web site about Ysart and related glass.
Facilitator: Frank Andrews. Editor: Mary Houston-Lambert
Click here for full list of contributors

Scotland's Glass. 2007-
Multiple authors and contributors. A website covering all of Scottish glass from 1600 to date. As it develops other researchers are invited to join and make this a true community built website.
Facilitator: Frank Andrews.

The Glass Zoo. 2007-
Multiple authors and contributors. A growing Zoo covering animals and figurines in Glass. Primarily as an identification resource but with relevant articles being added as available. Aimed at all levels.
Facilitator: Frank Andrews. 2 year subscriptions are €10

The Glass Study. 2007-
A growing searchable library of glass ephemera with annotations. Aimed at researchers, historians and advanced collectors.
Facilitator: Frank Andrews.  Annual subscriptions are €30 for financing the building and preservation of the site.

YSART GLASS - PUBLISHED 1990 - ISBN - 0 9514465 1 7

An errata for this book is published on-line by the authors at:

Despite the ageless paper used for this book, the binders did not consider longevity >:( . Some of my working copies have had the endpapers start to come unstuck and in one case completely. No damage to the endpapers or cover, so it could be re-glued - I would advise a conservation quality glue is used to prevent damage.


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