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Very strange glasses Scandinavian????

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OK after the traumas of the past week or so I now need some help. I've just been given these by an old friend and believe they came from the family that once owned Heals, so might be pretty good, but far too nice to use. The design features abstract nudes and a variety of strange looking creatures llamas and hippos etc. Also have a set of smaller ones for vodka schnapps etc with abstract nudes in the bases. Any ideas on them.


Hi Paul, It appears that what you have is Nuutajarvi Notsjo "Fauna"  designed by Oiva Toikka in 1970. Terry

:D:D:D They're lovely, but if they were mine, I'd use them and really enjoy them properly!

Thanks Terry
I knew someone could put me right on these. Since he's very kindly given me a dozen of each size, I think I'll put 8 of each away for the time being and use the rest.

Anne E.B.:
"Strange looking creatures llamas and hippos etc",  but have you spotted any pink elephants yet Paul ? :lol:  

Great looking glasses!

Anne :wink:


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