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Bagley Glass by Angela Bowey and Derek and Betty Parsons

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Angela B:
Bagley's Crystal Glass Company was one of the most prolific English makers of art deco pressed glass but until now it was hard to identify. This has kept the prices down, so if you know what you are buying,  this is the time to buy Bagley Glass.
Between 1912 and 1975 Bagley produced a vast amount of collectable and art deco designs in pressed glass, and exported them all around the world. There can hardly be a glass collector anywhere in the world who does not recognise at least one Bagley pattern as something they have seen before!

This book includes original catalog pictures and hundreds of photographs, many seen here for the first time. It is a truly comprehensive guide to help you identify Bagley Glass.

You can order it on-line from here:

Angela B:
This CD is a great supplement to the book on Bagley Glass.
The CD provides a huge amount of extra information which would not fit into a book and will be of special interest to serious collectors and researchers. It has complete catalogues and price guides of Bagley glass, illustrated advertisements and the original video by Derek and Betty Parsons. The CD includes:

Original catalogues and Advertisements
Pages of several Bagley Glass Catalogues, including the complete Colour Catalogue published in the mid 1930s. Full page full colour advertisements from The Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review from 1935 to 1939. Also includes pages from the 1953 black and white catalogue and the complete 1937 Royal Visit booklet.

The Bagley Glass Video by Derek and Betty Parsons (original)
When Derek and Betty Parsons made their video about Bagley in the 1990s it certainly had an impact in the UK where collectors started to take more interest in Bagley glass. This CD contains the complete video, digitally enhanced from the original master tapes, and now in a format that will play on any computer with a browser anywhere in the world.

You can read more and order the CD from

Angela B:
The third edition of Bagley Glass is now available - with an extra fifty pages of new information, more and better pictures, new items identified as Bagley for the first time, a helpful index, and more compehensive coverage.
See my website for more information and to order your copy.

There are 196 pages size 140mm by 204mm approx (roughly A5 size). The book is paperback with normal paperback binding.
There are hundreds of colour pictures, black and white pictures, drawings and catalogue reprints. In fact apart from the title pages and the index, there are only three pages that don't have pictures.
The chapters are:
1: Bagley Glass History and Overview
2: Bagley patterns and designs
3: Decoration and metal mounts
4: Numbers, trademarks, Names and Labels
and the Index.
This edition has benefited from long discussions with Bagley family members, former Bagley employees, museum staff, other authors and collectors. Sincere thanks to them all.

Many thanks to the people who have helped me with information and pictures for this new edition. And if you are buying or selling English pressed glass, I think you really need this book. :rah:

The new third edition of this book is the most detailed account I have ever
seen of the history of Knottingley's 'Crystal Glass.' A first class means
for identification as well as being an informative guide for collectors.
I worked in the glass industry from 1959-72 starting at the Bagley factory,
and was pleased to see on p19 a picture of Tommy Davies 'at work.' I often
recall and remind people of his prophecy about Crystal Glass; "Look after it
for it will become collectable one day." Sadly he is no longer with us to
see his prophecy come true.
To compliment the book it is accompanied by an equally outstanding CD
detailing further information, including old adverts and price lists. A must
for every glass collector or anyone simply interested in the glass industry
in Knottingley. Angela, as a local history enthusiast I applaud and salute

I agree entirely Ron, it's a fascinating book and my Bagley collection seems to be growing as a result of it!  ;D


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