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Orrefors Decanter


Hi, Ive tried and tried to post a picture and I just can't make it work. So, This is what I have ... a round () crystal decanter 10" high including Round O, stopper with Initials and numbers 558 on the bottom. Ive seen older Orrefors vases that look like this glass but Ive never seen a decanter. The glass looks as if it three rows of waves of glass going around the lower 3/4th of the bottle.  I will send you pictures just email me.
Thank you, Karen

Bill G:
Your decanter sounds like it was from the early 1930's.
The initials will be G, H or L for the three designers there.
Gate, Hald or Lindstrand
The wave in the glass was used during this period.
The numbering system was changed in 1935 where all
glass forms followed a sequence starting with 1400.

nigel benson:
Hi Karen,

I think from your description that this is in fact a decanter by another Swedish firm, Kosta.

The number 558 is a re-issued design by Elis Bergh from the 1930's that was re- introduced in 1959. The three rows of waves are in fact internal (that is on the inner surface) horizontal ribs. The stopper should also be solid sphere and peg, not hollow.

I believe you will see a sort of indistiguishable incised mark prior to the number that might approximate a "4" or a "K", which should clinch the deal!

Kind regards, Nigel


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