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Identifying an old Carnival piece

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First let me introduce myself. I am Mark T from West Virginia. My wife and I have recently opened an ebay consignment shop in town, and I am getting overrun by glassware and questions about it of one kind or another. I love it when people bring me old items from Fenton or elsewhere, but I am essentially an amature at ID'ing old, old glassware. I want to tell my clients the right thing, but I will not knowingly rip them off or misrepresent an item to the public for sale on ebay or anywhere else. By the way, I live about ten minutes from the Fenton factory. Anyway...

A nice lady brought a Carnival compote to me yesterday and said it belonged to her great grandmother. Well, it looked like Fenton to me, but it looked so old that I took it up to their meusem. The historian had a blast with it and actually was a tad bit stumped, if only for a few minutes. And then he found the same mold in a Fenton book (ware # 8227). But the story goes on. He is convinced that this piece pre-dates Fenton's offerings. He says that the piece is actually a US Glass creation because it's iridescence was slightly different than Fenton works. Upon further reseach it was discovered that Fenton actually bought that mold from USG many years later, well after this piece was made. It was also noted that the piece was "overfired" before the coating was applied, creating softer tips around the rim and causing the five sided pedestal to slightly twist under the weight of the top portion. It looks like it was all done on purpose.

This is a beautiful piece of old glassware and, from what I am told, could be quite valuable. The historian at Fenton Art Glass has asked that I share with him any more information I can find about this compote. So, where do I go now? I hate to just stick a nice piece on regular old ebay to go for a buck or two just because my client doesn't know what she has.

Any ideas where I can turn? If it keeps up like this, I might become quite a fixture in this forum (if you'll have me). Thanks to you all in advance.

PS Still working on figuring out the picture thing.

Mark, welcome. You'll find easy to follow picture instructions up near the top of the forum listing.

If you register with the board you'll be able to select to be notified of any replies to your messages. Hope this helps. :)

Thanks for your reply Anne. I registered be fore I posted my first message, and all seemed well, but when I attempted to post with it I got an error message stating that my user name was taken. So I will dig into it a bit further when I have more time. In the meantime I have attempted to post a few pictures of this compote. If they don't turn out I'll try again. I am somewhat excited by this find and my meeting with Fenton's historian. I really want to know what I have here. Thanks again!

   I am Linda and your glass story is very exciting.  The reason I am posting now is because I want you to look at this rose bowl we have been trying to identify.  These good folks have been on the lookout for me, and I hope the similarity here with your compote will be a lead for me.  Everytime my piece is close to one design or another, it won't quite match.  It is also an unusual color.  (Of course, you may tell me exactly what I have, and perhaps it isn't anything special)  Thanks so much for your time, this whole thing is exciting!!  I am so happy that I discovered this message board, and with all this knowledge these GENUINE EXPERTS are willing to impart, I have certainly become hooked on glass.  If you would please take a look when you have time, here is the link to my original post.   

Linda    (yeah, I am brown nosing again, folks...hee he),1589.0.html

Hi Mark T. Welcome to the board.  I am not sure who the Fenton historian was that you consulted but I am going to have to disagree  :oops:

The piece in your pictures appears to be Fenton Pinwheel Comport Ware no. 8227 YOP (Year of Production) 1970-75.  It is from the  Original Formula Carnival Glass (amethyst) line.

Your piece appears to be identical including the iridescence to the one shown in Fenton Glass Compendium 1970-1985.  I think your piece is later rather than earlier.  IMHO.


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