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Brown glass Javex Bottle -- Maybe Dominion Glass ??

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Javex is a brand name for sodium hyopchlorite bleach. The brand name is now owned by Colgate-Palmolive


--- Quote from: antiquerose123 on February 26, 2008, 09:13:21 PM --- Do you put these kind of marks at all in the gallery?

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Hi Rose, I see no reason why we shouldn't do. I think we should have a separate album for bottle marks as they are a different area of glass collecting, but as a glass board we cover all types of glass usage.  New album here: - please add your bottom to is (as it were!)  :o

  Hi.  I hope I can help a little if it's not too late.  This is a bottle made by Dominion Glass Co.  Dominion Glass is a canadian glass company, it was formed from a bunch of different glass companys, like the Diamond Flint Glass Co. and others. The D inside the diamond trademark started being used on the bottoms probly around 1928, (that's when the trade mark was registerd anyway) before that the most common marks were only mould numbers and marks. The D in the diamond was used till 1970 when it was replace with a kinda bottle mould style D with the top open and the shape of a bottle in the middle.  Dominion changed the name to Domglas Ltd. around 1976-78. And as far as I know thay are still operating although alot of plants have been closed. 
   This bottle in the picture was made at the Redcliff, Alberta. The dot at the bottle of the Trademark is the Redcliff plant.  The box to the left of it is the month date code, this one is Sept/Oct. And the 0 on the right is the year, this one is 1960. The number 4 above Javex is the mould style number.
   Also a note - the box system used for the month wasn't used till 1953 and it is still used today. Before that letters were used,  A to F, this was used from around 1941 to 1953.
   Also - Although Dominion changed the trademark in 1970, the D in the diamond was occasionally used on some bottles up to 1980 ish. 

Sorry for rambling on, I just found it hard to find any info when I  was looking for it. So if I can help some one a little thats good.

David E:
Never too late to help ID something - welcome to GMB!  :thup:

Thank you Today_M, and Welcome to the Board :rah:

A fellow Canadian (??) I take it - with so much good knowledge on the topic.  That is Super!!  I still have the bottle here along with many other things that have the D mark.  Good to know what everything means as to dating these.  As you said, quote: I just found it hard to find any info when I  was looking for it. So if I can help some one a little thats good.   You are totally right......hard to find a lot of things to do with Canadian glass stuff -- but with the net I think it shows that people are wanting to know this stuff.  *Obviously, people are collectors all over the board, and trying to figure out family heirlooms, and something they had/wanted as a child.  If this were not the case, then E-bay would not be a multi-million dollar business.* (IMHO)  So people want to know/look/be informed as to what they buy, or I wanted to know the date/year of this Javex glass bottle.

That is why Glass Boards like this are so important, and the info each member can bring!!!

Thank you so very much, and look forward to all your future contributions here on the Board!! 

Again Welcome  :rah:


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