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You have 2 days to buy in their clearance sale.... close end of Feb  ;D

Presumably migrating to China  :huh:

I presume thats just in Denmark, Im pretty sure they are German owned by Waterford Wedgwood.
Confused  :huh:

I was in last week and I can tell you it was heart-breaking. That beautiful shop with almost nothing at all on the shelves..less when I left as I bought a Bertil Vallien sculpture.
There were many Mats Jonasson tribal sculptures, a smallishBV boat,one large BV head and a couple of catalogue items by Göran Wärff. Plus a load of Bjørn Winblad porcelain. That was it, basta.

Very depressing to see the shop go, it was one of the very few that sold art glass from Sweden and Finland.  :cry:


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