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This seller has a number of decanters/stoppered bottles. On this particular listing the answer to my question as to whether there was a signature was "none". Did Venini mark all of their decanters? Who would be the makers of these?

I would say from the overall look this is not Venini, just doesn't look tight enough in the quality of the work. Unfortunately can't check in my Venini bible at moment as lent it to a friend who I'm educating in Murano glass. Must be working as he's buying a few bits from me.

"Unfortunately can't check in my Venini bible"

Could you please share the name of your Venini bible? Is it a good resource book?

I'm afraid it's not a published book just 5 loose leaf folders i've put together over the years made up from old Venini catalogues and design books augmented with numerous copies from auction catalogues, published books articles etc. Currently runs to around 1,100  a4 pages in total and quite irreplaceable.

Hi Paul,

--- Quote ---Currently runs to around 1,100 a4 pages in total and quite irreplaceable.
--- End quote ---

 :shock: Quite a light work for bedtime reading then?  :lol:

To be honest, would this be something worth publishing at some stage?  :idea:


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