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Ale Glass with Rg No


Tony H:
Hi all
Can anyone help with an ID for this ale glass ( my discription ?) it is 4.75" high by 2.25" diameter at the top and the base is 2" in diameter and not quite half an inche thick.

It has 14 vertical internal ribs which give it an optical effect mold seem on base looks like a two piece mold, the glass has a yellow tint but does not react to UV.
On the base is the Rg No16836. In J Thompson there is 16835 Nov 1884 and Great Glass has nothing.

Tony H

Tony H:
Hi All
Can any help with this Rg No please

Tony H

Tony H:
Hi Guys
Just sorting some of my glass and found this piece , I looked up the topic and I see there is no reply.

Can anyone help with this, would love to know who took out the reg.

Tony H in NZ

Bernard C:
Hi Tony — I usually check the first series as well, as I have had two pieces marked with the number and not the lozenge.   16636 is there in the first series, but I think Feb 27 1844 is a little early for your glass!

That metal-basher's registration doesn't look likely, does it?

Just letting you know that someone takes an interest.

Bernard C.  8)

Tony H:

Thank you for looking and taking an inerest, it is most likely an agent.

Tony H in NZ


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