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Maleras crystal seal sculpture


Hi all

I have another glass conundrum.

I have a crystal seal sculpture signed on the base
"Maleras TW Sweeden"

However, I have looked everywhere and all I can find of Maleras relating to animals are those beautiful crystal engravings he does and nothing on solid crystal figures.

Does anyone know anything in the history of Maleras crystal and glass that might help me figure out more about it.

Thanks for any and all help as usual! :-)

Kind regards


Maleras Glasbruk Started 1924
If initials could be FW then design by Folke Walwing 1924-70
Scandinavian Glass: Creative Energies, William L. Geary

All current art glass at this company is marketed under the name "Mats Jonasson Maleras".

It's been quite a while since Folke Walwing, and they've been through a lot of changes there (rather illustrious and interesting background actually :D ) but they might be able to give you a little information on your cute seal.    :?  :)


Many thanks for the replies so far - I have contacted Maleras representatives in the UK and await their response.


Got reply from Maleras - the seal was designed by Folke Walwing and the initials are actually FW on closer inspection!


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