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Embossed Beer bottles


As a collector of New Zealand embossed beer bottles. I was pleased to find Angela's article on the Auckland Bottle Company. But nowhere can I find any reference to or any information regarding the associated bottle Company. I beleive it was set up as abusiness to serve breweries etc in the collecting and cleaning of Bottles.
I am trying to find information on this company such as, who made/makes
the bottles, when it was established etc. Can you help with it would be much appreciated

If no-one here knows of them.

Quite often the starting point for 'unknown' companies would be the company register/registrar. That will get you names of directors, location, dates and associated companies. Perhaps even who bought the company.

Then it is the national or local archives for any company documents.

Followed by a brief article for the Glass Encyclopaedia :)

Any further info yet?


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