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Carnival Comport help with ID


Tony H:
Hi All
Here is a link to a Comport in marigold Carnival glass, I first thourght Soda Gold but I am not sure.

Many thanks for your help.

Tony H

It's Dugan-Diamond's "Maple Leaf" with peacock tail interior. The crackle pattern is Dugan's version of Soda Gold that is an integral part of the "Maple Leaf" pattern. The shape is a footed (stemmed) berry dish.

It often causes confusion as it's the one shape in the range that doesn't have the Maple Leaf on it.


Tony H:
Hi Glen
Many thanks for your help, I was sure you would know what it was.
I had a look at Dave Doty but could not see it, I will try again.

Tony H


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