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Ysart ? Babycham glasses

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Hi there,
I have in my possesion two Babycham glasses that I believe were decorated by Vincent Ysard glass works.They are described as follows.
1.The Bambi is light brown in boby with fawn ears,chest,tummy and tail.It also has three fawn dots on it`s rump and has a blue ribbon.
2.The glass stands 110mm in height.
3.It has a round stem(not six sided).
4.It does not have a gold rim.
5.The word "babycham" and a circle of dots are engraved or etched on the inside of the glass bowl.It also has a etch mark in the middle of the bowl.I believe this was put there to generate bubbles when the champs
was poured into the glass.I believe this innovation wae developed by Vincent Ysard.
Could you please advise the value of these glasses if any.I believe them to be from the very early years.
I look forward to your reply.
best regards. :?:


Vasart decorated some Babycham glasses for Showerings but so did a lot of other glass decorators. Nazeing too. Showerings have no records of who and when.

Ysart is spelt with a t not a d.

Value is upto about £1 per glass, more for boxed sets as the boxes are the only way of dating these as 1950'or 1990's. I presume they are still being made.

The 'etch' marks you refer to are probably just remnants of transfers that were not properly fired, they certainly would not be engraved and if etched it would be by transfer too.

The story about it being an Ysart innovation sounds like one of those colourful tales dreamt up by dealers trying to make there mass produced glasse stock special.

Hi Frank,
Thankyou for the reply.With regard to the Babycham glasses,I found the info on a profile of Collin?Terris(designer of the modern paperweight apparently)on the internet when I was trying to establish the age of these glasses.The glasses are without any doubt etched and not transfers.I have posted them on the ebay under"Vasart" &"Babycham"with photos.If you can possibly find the time,please view and tell me what you think.If the info that I have is incorrect,I would rather withdraw them from the auction or at the very least correct the information.The auction ends next Monday night at about 20h00.I am going to try and take a better shot of the etching and will put that on latter tonight.There are currently two photos on the auction.Thankyou once again for taking the time to reply and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards,

Hi Rachel,

The picture does look like etching, but it would have been done with a transfer.

Do you have a link to the Colin Terris reference?

Good morning Frank,
Thankyou for the quick response.You can find the reference by typing in "colin terris babycham" and search.Then select "Colin Terris Glass Designer".Looking forward to you response.
Best Regards,


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