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Ysart ? Babycham glasses

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Thats's a fifties box. Could be the girls at Vasart did those!

The photos submitted by Ray show a 3-part glass, comprising bowl, stem and foot. The stem is round. and as Frank states by his identification of the box, one of the early productions.  Later Ravenhead developed a cheaper version via their automatic machine line at St Helens, these had a 6-sided stem. Showerings switched their contract(s) to Ravenhead to save costs.

When I was researching for my book on Nazeing I was told that the Company produced the glasses (with the round stems)  and also decorated them. Since then, I have heard of the invovlement of Moncrief/Ysalt for the decoration  so now I wonder if Nazeing only made the glasses and then shipped them to Scotland for the decoration.  Unfortunately as Frank has told us, Showerings (or their successors) do not have any information to help.

Geoff Timberlake

Useful input Geoff.

Did Nazeing have a decorating shop, I can see no reason why they should not have done decoration too. Babycham was huge in the UK in the 50/60's and over the years probably produced very large quantities of these glasses. I have noticed a large variety of transfers used. Presumably the decorating contracts were relatively short 1-3 years and switched around to the best supplier. At times there could have been more than one decorator involved depending on the volumes needed.

Did you get any hint of volumes in your research?

Interesting that Nazeing actually produced that blanks too.


I have a fair few like Ray's - no box but the three section construction, decoration and gold rim are all there

Funny - recently a dealer told me the moulded 6 sided stem was of a much earlier period, I knew he was talking rubbish

Mine all also have that little etch mark in the middle of bowl - I can't believe it was to make an already very bubbly drink fizz more :?

I will pop in here again as I collect anything Pirelli, Vasart related - I have lots of the animals some with the original Pirelli stickers

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:


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