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Ysart ? Babycham glasses

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Hi Rachel,

I had seen the auction listing before I read the message in here, but I was not inclined to make any comments, as I usually do not do so for current listings, unless I see a major error in something that I have particlular knowledge about (which is actually not very much at all).

I am in favour of sellers adding researched information to eBay listings, and well done for making the effort, Rachel. But in this instance I wonder whether your summary is accurate.

The information about the "small scratch" that Vicent Ysart made in the Babycham glasses was, as I understand it, given to Angela Bowey (our host for this Message Board) by Colin Terris and appears in Angela's article in her Glass Museum site (as located through the search info given by Rachel). However, nowhere does it say anything (that I can see) to suggest the wording you have added to your listing:
--- Quote ---... or as in this case a circular etching combined with the word Babycham.
--- End quote ---
In fact, the only additional text I can find in Angela's article relating to this is the wording
--- Quote ---... with the rough patch scratched in the bottom
--- End quote ---
, which seems to confirm that it only that ... a rough scratching.

Unfortunately I don't know much at all about the Babycham glasses, but it certainly would be useful to know whether there is any reliable information about who actually applied the etched Babycham name, and when this was first done. I suspect it was not at the Vasart works, but I could be wrong.

Any ideas Frank, or anyone else?

Hi KevH,
I have chatted to Mary H-L (editor) and she says there is some reference to these glasses at have asked her to get in touch with you and Frank.I must say that I have read some of your contributions and find it very informative.AS I said to Mary,if the info I have listed is incorrect,I`d rather withdraw the glasses from auction.I have a flawless ebay record and do not want to spoil it.Please let me know how you get on.I must add that it was never my intention to mislead anyone.I have been relentless in my efforts to establish the origin of these glasses.They are so different from the common Babycham glasses that there must be a story behind them.Mary did concur that they were rare and collectable.I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

Mary was not really correct about that. There do appear to be some collectors of these glasses but only for the period nature and as I said before unboxed they sell for about a pound a piece. I would not describe them as scarce, certainly produced for many decades there must be tens of thousands still existing, perhaps 1 in a 1,000 were decorated at Vasart.

I agree with Kevin that it is unlikely that these particular glasses were decorated at Vasart. They are a different shape to ones I know were decorated at Vasart.

As Showerings do not even have historical records of who decorated the glasses, nor where the blanks were sourced apart from their current production, it is not reasonable to try and give any source.

I did not realise you were listing these currently. If you want to be accurate you should state that: "They were produced for Showering's by a variety of companies and are still in production."

You looked on my website so you must have read what I wrote there:
--- Quote from: "" ---Decoration only contract via Pirelli Glass.

Nazeing Glass later had a contract for these, and most recently (2004) so did Andrews Parke & Co Ltd.

There is no way yet known to tell which ones were decorated by Vasart.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for your help Frank
Best reagards,

just seen this thread, i have 6 Babycham glasses and boxed, it's called the six glass party pack, all of them have a etch mark in the bottom of the glass, the transfer on each glass is put on back to front so it looks better from inside the glass as your drinking, there are no makers marks or anything on the box, the 1st photo is looking from the inside out of the glass the 2nd from the outside looking in

click on image for larger photo


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