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Re: Monart or not ?
« Reply #60 on: Yesterday at 08:26:16 PM »
For those who may not know (and assuming I have got it right), Paul Hollister (Jr.) is well known in paperweight circles for his 1969 book "The Encylcopedia of Glass Paperweights".

But more importantly, he was a leading light (at least, in the USA) in the field of studio glass, having written many articles from the 70s thru 90s. See:
Your assumption are right it is one and the same person, though I did misspell his name.
For those people who don't know who Betty Reid was. Betty worked all her working life at Moncrieff glassworks and single handed saved so much Monart archive materail from getting put in the skip when Monart finished production in 1961, which is now in Perth museum.

so nigel was correct then regarding concave pontils , also there are examples of monart with the four marked pontil, I have one somewhere and I know keith has some also , or is this a different thing their on about
I believe though not certain, that the four  marked pontil was used on the applied foot of Monart pieces.
My goodness, thanks very much for sharing those letters with us Gary  :) How very gratifying, my feelings have been chuffed  ;) :)

Cheers, Nigel
Glad to be of some assistance.

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Re: Monart or not ?
« Reply #61 on: Today at 12:46:57 AM »
The 4 mark was from the use of a gadget. More often found on Strathearn I doubt any of the Ysart's used it at Moncrieff. Hollister could well have had Strathearn pieces without knowing it, probably a list of his collection in Rakow or sale auction could potentially verify that.

See type 5

On the letters, who was the person in reply 1 which is not shown on the pic?

For Betty Reid see

Frank A.
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Re: Monart or not ?
« Reply #62 on: Today at 02:11:50 AM »
im sure Keith will be able to put his hands on his monart with the four pronged pontil mark as his is mostly all on display and not packed away, I have seen a few pieces of monart with the four mark pontil over the years



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