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Murano Paperweight - with label


I recently acquired a rather interesting Murano paperweight, so I'm posting it here and on the Paperweight forum.

I had never seen a double overlay like this atributed to a Murano maker before and to be honest, I might not have believed my first instinct that they were definitely Murano canes if it hadn't had the label underneath   :shock:

My family call it "the cup-cake paperweight"  and I think you'll see why   :lol:

First, to prove it's Murano, here's the label:

Then a couple of pics of the weight:

So can anybody tell me who might have made this one, and when?  

I happen to think it's a rather nice example  :D


Well whenever I've had this particular label it's been on early 1960's Murano, but I've always believed these particular paperweights to be from the mid 1970's onwards. Will have to scour the books for maker though, but date should prove interesting.


--- Quote from: "chuggy" --- Will have to scour the books for maker though, but date should prove interesting.
--- End quote ---

What book would that be Paul?   :shock:  Is it a book on Murano glass, labels or paperweights, or a bit of each?  

Got to have all the books!   :shock:


Thats the problem I've got sooo many books that when something like this clicks in the old grey matter, I then have to start scouring them all including some things like the Millers collectables which turn items up some times never really got into paperweights apart from those by Seguso and Venini and most of those have gone now to make way for other bits.
A lot of the books and auction catalogues on Murano aren't in English either which adds to the fun. Most of the sources come from when I had the auction house and I bought all I could as they were tools of the trade and tax deductable at the time, ah happy days!!!

Those kinds of generic labels are still used today, if that's any help.  Can't help with maker, I'm afraid.



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