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Bowl with cover. ID = Rosice

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I have just purchased this gorgeous blue glass trinket set from our local charity shop it is perfect no chips or cracks and complete!! I know it came in amber as well as the lady at the charity shop said she had an identical one in amber....can anyone identify it please, I have looked at Pamela and Anne's site but can't find it. :)

The set is shown on Marcus Newhall's Sklo Union CD-ROM:  Rosice 1958 catalogue, page 21.

The pattern numbers of the pieces and sizes are as follows:
tray 4509 - 34.5 x 24cm
large lidded pot 4509/1 - 11.5cm
small lidded pot 4509/2 - 8.5cm
candlesticks 4509/3 - 13cm
trinket tray 4509/4 - 9 x 7cm.

The catalogue also shows a perfume flask and a perfume atomiser bottle, both with diameters of 9cm, and both with pattern number 427.

Oddly, the printed catalogue numbers seem to have been crossed through and superimposed with handwritten numbers as follows:
4509 becomes 1020
4509/1 becomes 1024
4509/2 becomes 1024
4509/3 becomes 1023
4509/4 becomes 1022

Both numbers 427 remain as they were.

Thank you very much you are most helpful  ;D

Part Rosice 4509 set in pale purple / lilac (quite an unusual colour, I suspect).

(Permission for re-use of this image on GMB granted by a1goodsnchattels).

ID = Czech Rosice, pattern 1020-1024 (was 4509) from the Marcus Newall Sklo Union CD ref 1958 Catalogue.


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