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Bowl with cover. ID = Rosice

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No, it is not one of my collection, I'm afraid  >:D
would have helped with pleasure as always

but it does remind me of something ... scandi?

Hi Pamela
             thanks for taking a look scandi? can you tell me what they were used for these pots, please, and do you have any idea of the year,

Steve, as t'other Anne says, probably a part of a trinket set. The lidded pots were used for talcum powder. I have a few of these in various patterns but not a match for yours sadly.

A trinket set (dressing table/vanity set) usually, but not always, had a large tray, two candlesticks (those funny bowls on stands you see at boot sales  ::)  ), a large lidded bowl (powder), two small lidded bowls and a ring stand. A pin dish, a clock, vases, various bottles and a small rectangular tray are other options and possibilities


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