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Signed Blue mushroom,

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   This is the shape of a mushroom and is of a blue colour, but when in the light it;s like marble, on the bottom base it says what i think could be Wedge Wood? but not sure have tried to photo it but just cant focus it properly, there is for sure, (WEHG ENGLAND) have just noticed its blue and black, stands 2ins to the rim of the mushroom and to the top 3.3/4 ins and 4ins across, hope the discription, is ok to help,

Martyn K:
Certainly looks like a Wedgwood Glass mushroom paperweight from the Lilliput range.

this is a Wedgwood Mushroom, check ebay, theres a few on there. The caithness PW is nice,
i think all the others are recent chinese.

Andy & Martyn
                       Thank you both, was there any specific maker of these, or are they production line? plus is ebay the best to go by for value for money? would you say ie it sets the price,

Martyn K:
They were originally designed by Ronald Stennett-Willson around 1970 (I think it's pattern number RSW219 but please dont quote me on that) and were in production until at least the early 80s in a wide variety of colours and a couple of sizes.

Ebay prices are on the whole a little low when it comes to buying/selling Wedgewood Glass but still more realistic than most of the specialist price guide books that in my experience are VERY optimistic!


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