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Need some help with pricing my weights

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I am planning to sell about 20+ paperweights and really need some guidance on pricing. I'm not sure if some are ordinary or average weights as I'm just a novice. I appreciate any help you can give me. I will just start with my only Joe St Clair.


Depends where you're planning to sell them I think.  On ebay the Joe St Clair might only attract bids of about $20 or so, but elsewhere it might reach $100 - $200 or higher.  

I speak only as a complete amateur collector, with little experience other than on ebay UK and a few paperweight websites.  I'm based in the UK and I don't think St Clairs are very well known here.

Does Joe St Clair sign or identify his weights in any way?  I bought a weight recently which I thought might be a St Clair, but it has no identifying marks.  

A signature or ID mark would help your weights command a higher price, otherwise you bet some wise-guy will tell you it's "probably Chinese"   :wink:  :roll:  :lol:


So where is a good place to sell the weights? I was thinking of using ebay.


Sorry, I didn't mean to put you off ebay completely.   :oops:  :roll:  

However, if you do use ebay, make sure you open the auctions to international bidders and remember that good pictures (from different angles and always including one of the base) and accurate descriptions are vital.  

If you have labels and provenance for the weights you are selling, make much of it and include photos of that as it will get more attention.  

Put as much info as possible in your title and subtitle - never just 'Paperweight' for example   :roll:   Not that you would!   :wink:

You do seem to have some interesting weights.  Good Luck!


Thanks for the advice Leni. I have been reluctant to put them on ebay because I wasn't really sure how to begin. I have about 25 weights. Some signed. I am hoping for some solid information on this board.



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