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Need some help with pricing my weights

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You need to wait for some of the real experts to come along, Marilee  :D

Not everyone looks in here everyday, but sooner or later they'll come along and give you some good tips if you don't get impatient.  

As I said, I'm just a complete amateur  :oops:  :roll:

Give it a day or two and see who drops in and what they have to say  :wink:


Okay that's what I'll do!

I am recharging the battery for the digital camera or I'd send you a pic of one that is quite beautiful. It has a big G on the bottom and Glasshouse scratched on the bottom along with 1991, WHL, and 1059. I believe it is a limited edition. I'll get a pic of it online soon. Do you know this glass maker?

I think there's a place called 'Glasshouse Studio' but I don't know anything about it!   :?

Someone will be along soon to help us out, I'm sure   :D

Can't wait to see more of your weights!  


Leni said:
--- Quote ---As I said, I'm just a complete amateur  
--- End quote ---

Don't do yourself down!  You're very good with paperweights,  and learning all the time.  :D  :D

Hi Marilee,

As Leni as said, those of us outside the USA will probably have little knowledge of weights like your Joe St Clair example.

But I can answer Leni's question about whether St Clair weights are signed or identified in any way. They always (?) have an impressed mark on the base, which can just about be seen in the base image that has been shown. For weights from the St Clair family, the name "St Clair" will be shown along with the first names, the most common being "Joe" and "Bob & Maude".

(Also, in the St Clair line is Joe Rice who makes very similar weights.)

I can also say that the design of this weight is known as a "Calla Lily" and this has been a very regular theme in weights from various American makers for many years.

Various St Clair examples can be seen quite regularly on eBay and this may be a good way to determine the current selling price. There are at least 38 St Clair paperweight items listed (picked up through the UK version of eBay) as I write this.

For the weight marked with a "G" and "Glasshouse", I have no knowledge of this. But, as with all the other weights, Marilee, please do post pictures as this will be helpful to me, at least, as well as possibly getting you some assistance.


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