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Old weight?


This one has INDIA on an old worn sticker on the bottom. It has a few scratches on the bottom also. it isn't very pretty in my opinion, but appears to be old.



Don't think those go terribly well, but the sticker is interesting and it might go better with that.  

Still think ebay is not your best marketplace.  Where did you think of selling the weights?  


I agree with Leni's thoughts. In fact, these Indian weights can be bought in the UK for about £5, but are often unattributed and sometimes get labelled up us "Bohemian" or "Czechoslovakian" or even, dare I say it, "Chinese".

Actually, it is good to see a photo of the base of one these as it shows how some of the confusion with Chinese can arise, due to the roughly ground base area. But in this case the base is formed much more tidily than on many of the Chinese examples.


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