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TECHIE TIPS: Allowing other members to email you


To allow other members of the board to contact you via email you need to ensure that you have enabled the option in your Profile to allow emails to be sent to you. Non-members and members who are not signed in cannot send you emails at all regardless of your Profile settings.

To set this permission, follow these steps:

Look up at the links bar above left which has links for HOME, HELP,  RULES, SEARCH, PROFILE, MESSAGES, CALENDAR, LOGOUT - click on the PROFILE one and that opens your Profile screen.

To the left of the screen is another menu... look down it and you'll see a blue bar saying Modify Profile and under that is a link for Account Settings - click that to open the settings panel. 

Look for the section of this panel headed Email:, and if you look there you'll see your email address and below that a line which has a tick box alongside the words Allow users to email me - if it is unticked, tick it and save the settings (Save button down at the bottom of the screen).

This will allow other registered sign-in users to see your email envelope icon, which when clicked will open the on-board email system so they can send an email to you. They will not see your email address, just your name. The board will then automatically send on the email to you, and you can reply directly if you wish, or you can reply via the on-board system by clicking the envelope below their name on one of their posts. Emails sent via the board are not visible to anyone else but they are logged in the board's database in case of abuse.

To clarify... anyone can see their own envelope but unless you set the option in your profile for allowing members to email you no-one else (other than admins/mods) can see it. On this board private means private, unlike other board scripts where every man jack and his dog has access to the memberlist and our email addresses. 

Remember: if you allow emails to be sent it will *only* be by registered, signed-in users. Guests on the board still cannot send you emails.  It is never necessary to post your email address in a message on the board - just enable the email system in your profile and refer to the envelope icon if you wish to ask someone to email you.  Email addresses in posts will be removed or obfuscated by the moderators in line with board policy.


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