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Sommerso - but all Murano?
« Reply #10 on: August 31, 2005, 08:50:50 PM »
I have indeed as said seen the myriad of new facet cut vases in shops (Venice) and Milan - none of them are cheap, especially if they have a maker's label (Nason, Moretti) and not just a round, triangular or square 'Made in Murano' sticker

We must remember that what they do now is as skilled as back in the 60s, yet now as then the objects can remain anonymous because so many companies rarely signed the base and only put then as now a generic red export sticker on

I was in Costco the other day and saw Murano vases some were faceted some not, they all just had a gilt and red 'Made in Murano' sticker' on - the prices were £100 - £200 and that's in a wholesalers - there was no extra information I checked - some did have info on the boxes - so I take your point and will also say that it is as hard to ID and age the generic facet/panel cut vase now as it was back in the 50s, 60s (not disregarding extra stickers or boxes of that time) - all the items I show have ware and were very dirty with 'bloom' but that can happen in 10 years ?

All that remains is to say I like them and I guess with the new ones being pricey - if not a lot is paid (the Nason cost me £7.00 on eBay) - it's worth taking a dip as it were

Thanks for the lead on the blue architectural vase Ivo - I thought not Murano, what age do you think this is - now this has a lot of age ware to base rim

Slightly off topic - here is a vase I believe to be new - not in the Millers fact file  :wink:

What do you think I have two very large vases the same - paid £5.00 each at a boot sale - Lavorazione - Arte Murano - Made in Italy

They are nice but the labels are as new - I like this topic ref Murano glass as so many people are getting ripped off thinking its Murano - oh it must be 1960s - talk about Poli - the A.V.E.M. / Venini eBay scam is just as big

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