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wedgwood item

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Candle holder or sweetpea vase (Diam 4", height just under 4") with the following sanded mark:

    A / 2

Can anyone figure out a designer and approx year to it?


Hi Ivo,

According to Millers 20th Century Glass, the mark dates between 1971-1976. I can't help with a designer though, sorry. RSW?

Just going through my copy of 'Modern Glass' by Ronald stennett Wilson published 1975,
which i was lucky to find in a charity shop! I cant see the Sweetpea vase, but i would think it
has to be one of his designs, it has the look of the Candlesticks (and other items!)from the same period.
Andy :D

Martyn K:
A short quote from Susan Tobin's 'Wedgwood Glass' 2001, page 76...

Re etched wedgewood mark in upper or lower case...

"This mark is found only on items designed and produced during the association between *Wedgwood Crystal and Dartington Glass. It appears on the base of items designed by Frank Thrower. (Some of these items bore not only the word 'Wedgwood' but also an alphanumerical inspectors code, eg A/I, B/I, C/I.....)"


Martyn K:
Just to add that the colour looks like it maybe midnight and that I agree with Andy that it has similarities to RSW's Brancaster, Pacific, Atlantic and Stonehenge services with the central swelling, but Susan Tobin does know her onions in my experience.


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